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Susanne Kiilerich

Partner and certified translator

Primary fields of expertise

Labour law, international trade, criminal law, human rights, EU and international cooperation and lobbying organisations, tax law, building & construction, transportation, climate change policies, relief work, communication & marketing such as ad campaigns, design and visual guides, websites and newsletters.


2022-  Partner and translator at Dialog Translatører & Tolke

2020-2022 Translator at Dialog Translatører & Tolke

2019-2022 Owner and translator at Syntax Translation

2002-2019 In-house translator at FH, Danish Trade Union Confederation

2001 Freelance translator at the European Central Bank


2012-2013  Web journalist, Danske Sprogseminarer

2001 Authorised by the Danish Commerce and Companies Agency as Certified Translator and Interpreter in Danish<>English

2001 The MA Degree in Translation and Interpretation (English)



Contact Susanne

Office: +45 33324114
Mobile: +45 23950480
Email: sk@dialog-tt.dk

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