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Anette Nørgaard Jappe

Partner and certified translator

Primary fields of expertise
International law, human rights, criminal law, procedural law, company law, tax law, insurance, telecommunications, transportation, financial statements, marketing, food & feed, court interpreting and conference interpreting

2010- External examiner at the Danish business schools and universities
2016- Partner and translator at Dialog Translatører & Tolke
1998-2016 Partner and translator at Dialog Translatørservice
1997 Partner and translator at TranslatørCentret
1996-1997 Translator at TranslatørCentret
1994-1996 In-house translator at the law firm of Bech-Bruun & Trolle
1993 Trilingual business secretary/translator at the Industrialisation Fund for Developing Countries
1991 Trilingual business secretary at Klöckner-Moeller A/S
1989 Trilingual business secretary at Dansk Ethioper Mission

2007 Post-graduate medical translation course
1994 Authorised by the Danish Commerce and Companies Agency as Certified Translator and Interpreter in Danish<>English
1993 MA in Language for Specific Purposes (English), Copenhagen Business School 

Contact Anette

Office: +45 33324114
Mobile: +45 40623063
E-mail: anj@dialog-tt.dk

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