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Who are we

At Dialog, we have an in-house team of four experienced translators and interpreters with a master's degree in language for specific purposes. We provide translation and interpreting between Danish, English and German to private and public enterprises, authorities, institutions and private individuals. We also offer proofreading and editing services in Danish, English and German.

Together, we have more than 100 years' experience as translators and interpreters, and we have catered for a wide range of industries both as self-employed and in-house translators. This has enabled us to develop immense expertise in the translation of particularly legal and financial texts.

Being experts in language for specific purposes, we focus on quality and pay attention to detail while ensuring a flexible approach ‒ and confidentiality is key to us. We greatly value an ongoing dialogue with our clients to become familiar with the needs and requirements of the individual client and the contents and purpose of the text.

The translators at Dialog have sufficient capacity to solve both small translation assignments and major projects, also urgent jobs.

We have a large network of competent translators in Denmark and abroad who make translations to and from languages outside our own fields of competence.


At Dialog, we treat as strictly confidential any information acquired from clients. Our work is covered by professional indemnity insurance.

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Call us at +45 33 32 41 14 for a free, non-binding quote for translation or interpreting

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Meet the team

The translators and interpreters at Dialog have extensive experience in the art of translation and interpreting as they have provided translation and interpreting services for many years and have acquired additional language skills by frequently attending courses, seminars and conferences.

Read more about our translators and interpreters here:

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